Jeannette Bridoux How To Get More Targeted Followers On Instagram

Jeannette Bridoux on How to Get More Targeted Followers on Instagram?

2 years ago, Jeannette started out as a Marketing specialist for a SaaS startup where she wore ALL the hats – marketing strategy, on-boarding & social media. After working with hundreds of entrepreneurs and founders, she branched out to start her own Instagram Growth Business. Today, she teaches entrepreneurs and brands how to get more targeted followers on Instagram.

On October 10th, 2017 we had an exclusive #ama session with Jeannette in our Slack community on how to get more targeted followers on Instagram.

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Here's the transcript:

Carsten Pleiser [4:56 PM]
Hello everyone and great to have you, Jeannette. Today’s theme: “How to get more targeted followers on Instagram” 

Jeannette Bridoux [5:01 PM]
Hey, hey guys. Great to be here.

Carsten Pleiser [5:04]
Anyone @here, please feel free to drop in your messages at any time. I have a few ones to start off. Personally, I’m very new to Instagram and I feel that there are lots of questions in this community so I hope these are valuable for everyone @here.

Jeannette Bridoux [5:04]
Thanks Carsten for having me so excited to have everyone here!

Carsten Pleiser [5:05 PM]
There are a lot of different opinions from experts out there on how someone who is new to Instagram should start to build a targeted following. What’s your recommendation for a complete newbie with a brand new Instagram account?

Jeannette Bridoux [5:05 PM]
Love this question! So starting from scratch, first, make sure you have all your elements in place, your Instagram bio, link in bio & profile pic. You really want to fill up your Instagram grid quickly. So you need 3-5 posts a day to fill that grid up. Next, go follow large accounts within your niche. This will get you a ton of targeted following.

Carsten Pleiser [5:07 PM]
Great, for how long should someone do that?

Jeannette Bridoux [5:08]
I'd say at least for the first 2 weeks to get some traction, then start following large accounts within your niche. This works really great for niches like travel, fashion, food, fitness, etc.

Carsten Pleiser [5:09 PM]
What about B2B? Do you have any good case studies/examples/best practices for B2B or personal brands?

Jeannette Bridoux [5:10 PM]
Every strategy I just mentioned works for B2B as well as personal brands. So for most of my clients, they are B2C and personal brands, but we've used the same strategies to grow B2B brands as well.

Carsten Pleiser [5:13 PM]
That’s great. Now, people might think, 3-5 posts a day to build up that grid is quite a lot of work (personally, I have just managed one post a day for about 14 days). How do you come up with ideas? It seems memes and inspirational pictures are everywhere. How can a brand cut through the noise? What type of content should they post?

Jeannette Bridoux [5:15 PM]
So finding best performing content - you can use a website called This will show you the top 9 most popular posts by your competitors. So, once you know the top performing content, you can create content with your own branding or build off those ideas. Create engaging videos!!!

As far as posting goes: you can easily schedule your content ahead of time. e.g. Schedugram or HopperHQ

Carsten Pleiser [5:17 PM]
Awesome insights, Jeanette, didn’t even know these tools existed for Instagram. LOL.

Jeannette Bridoux [5:18 PM]
Haha, now you can crush it! And definitely, definitely, definitely use the Instagram story. That's where everyone is looking right now. And you can gain 3x times the exposure when you use hashtags and location tags in your Instagram stories.

Carsten Pleiser [5:19 PM]
Does everyone in @here now how you can start an Instagram story?

F&C Member [5:19 PM]
Nice! What are Instagram stories?

Jeannette Bridoux [5:21 PM]
The Instagram story is like Snapchat stories, but on Instagram. If you look at the top left corner of your app, you will see a little camera. This is where you can take photos, videos, boomerangs, etc. (Editor: Boomerang combines photos into one-second videos that play forward and backwards in a loop.)

F&C Member [5:21 PM]
Got it. Thank you.

F&C Member [5:21 PM]
What would you say is the "optimal" amount of content for a B2C brand? How many posts/stories per day after that initial period?

Jeannette Bridoux [5:22 PM]
At least 1 post a day. There's not one answer for this question. But I think it's important to look at how people use the Instagram story. They click and click and click through to the next one, so if you only have 1 post on your Instagram story, then you're likely to get lost in the noise.

F&C Member [5:23 PM]
In terms of content... what is best, what do people want to see / don't want to see?

Jeannette Bridoux [5:23]
I recommend engaging videos and also using sequences on your story. They are called stories for a reason. They have a beginning, a middle and an end and they take the user through an experience with images and videos.

F&C Member [5:25 PM]
Great ^^

Jeannette Bridoux [5:25 PM]
Is that helpful? Let me know if anything needs to be clarified.

Carsten Pleiser [5:25 PM]
Can you share some Instagram accounts that are awesome in creating Instagram stories, which we could check out?

Jeannette Bridoux [5:26 PM]
@Garyvee is my favourite. @stevebarlettsc is awesome, too!

Carsten Pleiser [5:27 PM]
Clarice was keen to forward you this question as she couldn’t attend this #ama live: “What’s your recommended hashtag strategy to grow followers on Instagram?”

Jeannette Bridoux [5:28 PM]
Hashtags: So what you want to do is research your hashtags. You can use 30 hashtags on a post, so they need to be targeted. What I mean by that is, your target audience needs to be using them. Use a mixture of popular and less popular hashtags.

Carsten Pleiser [5:29 PM]
But always use 30 to get the best exposure to target accounts?

Jeannette Bridoux [5:30 PM]
Yes, absolutely. You can also use hashtag ladders.

Carsten Pleiser [5:30 PM]
How about adding more in the comments? Does this work? Also, what is a hashtag ladder?

Jeannette Bridoux [5:31 PM]
Instagram limits you to 30 hashtags, but you can have 30 on your post AND 30 on your comments, but hasn't proved to do anything. LOL. Hashtag ladders are when you use less popular to most popular hashtags and vice versa. A lot of people just copy and paste their hashtags and use the same ones every time. This is considered "spammy" to Instagram, so you want to change them up.

Carsten Pleiser [5:32 PM]

Jeannette Bridoux [5:33 PM]
Yes, Instagram is seriously pushing for authenticity, but it doesn't mean that you can't use the strategies I mentioned above. You just have to change them up a bit.

Carsten Pleiser [5:34 PM]
And are there any tools for researching keyword hashtags?

Jeannette Bridoux [5:34 PM]
Yes, websta, hashtagify & audience - so those are good for finding new hashtags, but are not necessarily the best. And if you're still struggling, look at your 'insta-avatar', your ideal person you want to reach on Instagram and what hashtags they're using.

Carsten Pleiser [5:36 PM]
A common objection I hear from founders: “I have no time for Instagram and it doesn’t get me any ROI” - do you have some success stories from founders you can share in terms of business growth?

Jeannette Bridoux [5:37 PM]
It's all about how you use it. So Instagram is good for brand building, but it's not necessarily going to get you a 40k client.

Carsten Pleiser [5:38 PM]
I agree, sometimes people expect wonders when it comes to Instagram. I guess it comes down to making the effort and building a following. What are your best tactics for increasing engagement?

Jeannette Bridoux [5:38 PM]
Instagram is good for lower price point conversions. But for higher conversions, you can do influencer campaigns.

Carsten Pleiser [5:39 PM]
And that’s probably worth another #ama :slightly_smiling_face:

Jeannette Bridoux [5:39 PM]
Haha, yes. It's all about thought leadership, people don't see how they're positioning themselves. Positioning is ROI.

Carsten Pleiser [5:41 PM]
Okay, let’s say you’re building up your initial followers - some people comment, others don’t. Do you follow everyone back and always reply to comments? Do you engage with their content? How do you keep that momentum going?

Jeannette Bridoux [5:41 PM]
Ahh, I like this. Always reply to comments. People will remember. Social media is always a 2-way conversation. You don't have to follow everyone back. But yes, engage with their content and tag your "fam" in posts. Those are the people who comment and like regularly. Also, another way to boost engagement on your content is to engage with others content before you create a post. They'll get notifications, then they'll see you posted.

F&C Member [5:44 PM]
Okay, so let’s say I comment on your post and like the pic, leave a comment and then 10 minutes later I post something - will they get a notification?

Jeannette Bridoux [5:45 PM]
No, it's about them seeing you in their feed. They'll see, "Oh, x liked my content.".

F&C Member [5:45 PM]
Got ya.

Jeannette Bridoux [5:45 PM]
They won't get notifications you posted unless they turn on notifications for you.

F&C Member [5:49 PM]
It's been great! I have one last question if it's ok, what are the top mistakes to avoid?

Jeannette Bridoux [5:50 PM]
There are not many mistakes you can make on Instagram. I guess, don't piss off your audience.

Carsten Pleiser [5:50]
Perfect, that's super helpful, so let’s recap a few action points everyone in here can take away and use in their own Instagram strategy.

Jeannette Bridoux [5:51]

  1. Tag locations in posts and stories
  2. Create a great profile, make sure you add your biography and a link
  3. Build up 3-5 posts every single day for at least 2 weeks to build up the grid
  4. Engage with people's posts before posting yourself
  5. Use videos and stories. Instagram story gets the most attention these days
  6. Positioning is ROI. Use Instagram to build brand influence. Instagram works great for small dollar conversions
  7. Always reply to comments
  8. Use tools for hashtag research and content ideas
  9. Do shoutouts for your target audience, this is good for getting traction. Utilise shoutout for shoutout accounts, but make sure they have good engagement.

Carsten Pleiser [5:53 PM]
I’m not sure about you guys @here. But personally, I learned a lot from Jeanette. That’s all actionable stuff. Tell us a bit about your business, what you do and how you work with clients?

Jeannette Bridoux [5:54 PM]
Ahh, thanks. Yes, I provide growth services for my clients. I help them get 1k-2k targeted Instagram followers a month

Carsten Pleiser [5:56 PM]
Do you work out their positioning strategy with them as well? Like for a B2B founder for example?

Jeannette Bridoux [5:56 PM]
Yes, I do strategy calls. That definitely steps into the branding and marketing realm, one of my favourites.

Carsten Pleiser [5:56 PM]
One question that came to mind: Post under your brand name or personal name and then mention the brand or manage two accounts?

Jeannette Bridoux [5:57 PM]
Manage two accounts, unless it's your personal brand.

Carsten Pleiser [5:59 PM]
Haha, sweet - how do people best contact you? Can people contact you on Founders & Creators Slack?

Jeannette Bridoux [6:00 PM]
Yes, that works too. My LinkedIn is good (my messages are usually flooded there), or my email is good for questions on strategy calls or services.

Carsten Pleiser [6:01 PM]
Awesome, great stuff. Thank you so much for joining us, Jeannette.

F&C member [6:03 PM]
Thank you, very cool insights! Thanks, Jeannette and thanks, Carsten.

Carsten Pleiser [6:04 PM]
Wished we had more time for questions.

Jeannette Bridoux [6:04 PM]
I also have a Facebook group where we share Instagram tips and more. Love to have you all in the community! Thanks for having me, this was a BLAST!!

Carsten Pleiser [6:06 PM]
Pura Vida everyone - thanks for the good vibes.

F&C Member[6:51 PM]
Nice insights, it seems I missed a great ama session here today! Thanks for this useful information, Jeannette.

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