How To Extract LinkedIn Likes and Comments & Expand Your Network

How to Extract LinkedIn Likes and Comments & Expand Your Network

So you have written an awesome LinkedIn post? You're getting engagement. You're getting likes and comments in the hundreds (or even thousands). Now what? You need to be able to extract these LinkedIn likes and comments and this article shows you how to do it.

Posting high-quality content on LinkedIn on a consistent basis is crucial to gain reach, grow awareness and pull in visitors to your profile. It's great to build up a following. But there is so much more you can do.

Imagine you can send targeted LinkedIn invites which are also personalised to grow your network?

How about you update some of your commenters and likers about something related to the post?

Example: I've written a post about "How I learned how to teach myself programming?". This post has about 280 likes and comments combined. A lot of people were interested in me writing a long-form article about that topic on LinkedIn.

So, you would have two options here:

1. You could manually send everyone a message informing them about that post or inviting them to connect.


2. You can use tools that automate the process for you.

Because we're all trying to become more efficient marketers, you'd probably want to go for option 2.

So let's dig right in and teach you how to do that:

Part I: Extract LinkedIn Likes and Comments

Step 1: Download the Chrome Extension "LinkedIn Data Extractor for Comments & Likes" 

We've built a Chrome extension (which is free), which allows you to extract and download LinkedIn likes and comments. You can download it here. Once installed, you'll find a little black F&C icon in your Chrome browser bar.

Extract Comments and Likes from LinkedIn posts (1)

Step 2: In your Chrome browser, go to the LinkedIn URL of the post and click on "Copy link to post"

Select the post you want to extract data from. Click on the three dots to the right of the post and then select the option "Copy link to post". The URL will automatically be saved to your memory. Go ahead and paste this link into your Chrome browser.

Extract Comments and Likes from LinkedIn Posts - Step 2

Step 3: Click on the F&C extension in your browser bar

You should now see a popup. Depending on how many likes or comments you have it might take a few seconds to complete this process. Once it's done, you have the option to extract likes or comments.

(To make it easier for you, below is a video we've recorded which shows the extension in action)

Now, you should have either 1 or two CSV files which include the name of the contact and the profile URL. The latter is most important for the next step.

Part II: Set Up Linked Helper

In order for you to be able to automatically invite your 2nd & 3rd contacts who engaged with your content, you need another tool called Linked Helper. You can download the Chrome extension here. Try it out for a couple of days for free.  We've decided to go for the paid version (~ £10 per month), but it's been a huge time saver already.

Note: You don't need the LinkedIn Premium subscription for the following hack I'm going to show you.

Step 1: You need to configure Linked Helper

Linked Helper to Invite 2nd & 3rd Contacts

You need to configure Linked Helper to invite 2nd & 3rd contacts with a personalised message. It's crucial that you send a personalised message to each contact. After installing the Linked Helper Chrome extension, you'll find the Linked Helper box on the bottom right of your screen every time you visit LinkedIn.

Follow the steps as outlined above:

  1. Turn the option on "Collect contacts for message broadcast"
  2. Select the option "Collect, Select & Invite 2nd & 3rd Contacts"
  3. Optional: Create a new list if you like
  4. Click on "View Collected"

A new screen will open, which allows you to manage your invites list.

Step 2: Upload the CSV file to "Manage Invites List"

Under Manage Invites List, upload the CSV file from Part 1. You can also copy and paste the LinkedIn URLs if you find this easier. Please note that Linked Helper will populate the name and other merge fields automatically when you send the message broadcast later on.

Linked Helper Manage Invites List

Step 3 (optional): Select the ones you don't want to message and move them to the Excluded List.

Step 4: Click Close

Part III: Set Up Your Custom Invite Message

Next up, you need to create a personalised message. Back on the Linked Helper main dialogue, select the second tab from the left "Message". Leave everything else as is.

Linked Helper Messages

You need to customise the message template and you have the following merge fields available to play with:

  • {firstname}
  • {lastname}
  • {company}
  • {position}

Remember that Linked Helper will automatically populate those fields for you. Also, make sure that the message template is A) contextual and relevant to your LinkedIn post and B) relevant to your audience. Keep it non-promotional & always add value.

The invite texts are currently limited to 300 characters, so you need to keep the message ultra short and spicy.

Below is an example I've used:

Hi {firstname}

Thanks so much for your comment on my latest post. Would love to connect, so I can ping you the link for the Chrome extension. Happy Hustling, Carsten

Part IV: Let Linked Helper Invite 2nd & 3rd Contacts

Last, you need to start inviting the profiles you've uploaded previously.

Linked Helper Start Profiles Inviting

Click on the third tab from the left, Invite.

I'd leave the Timeout Settings as they are. This is the safest method. You need to run this process in a separate, not minimised / not collapsed window.

Click on Start profiles inviting.

Now lean back and let Linked Helper invite all of the people that either liked or commented on your post with a personalised, relevant and contextual message.

Voila. What do you think of this?

I'd appreciate if you could give this article some love and spread the word.

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